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Greenfield Recorder, February  5, 2018
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 ALSC Blog, November 2, 2017

Preview Massachusetts, December 2016

98.3 FM WHAI interview, July 2013

Greenfield Recorder, July  13, 2013

Artspace Newsletter, November, 2009

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Daily Hampshire Gazette, January 8, 2007

Hampshire Life, July 28, 2006

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“[Sheckels’] paintings are realistic and will draw you into a world that looks just like the one we live in but seems so full of hope and charm that you won’t want to leave.”

--C 3 Magazine

“Sheckels adds color, vitality, a crispness and life to all 32 pages of her new book.”

--The Greenfield (MA) Recorder

“Astrid Sheckels’ watercolors create a strong sense of time and place.”

--Elizabeth Kennedy, Children's Books, Best Children's Christmas Books of 2009

“A major shout-out is in order for the illustrations of Astrid Sheckels. She bases her paintings on actual photos, which is significant, as it creates images that are more true and detailed than many children's books. The expressions on the faces look real, not an approximation. It ties in well to the story of the dock and the sea, and her colors and composition are gorgeous. Instead of flat depictions, every crease, chip, shadow, and bit of woodgrain is revealed.”

--The  Black Sheep

IMAGINE THAT . . . “Cats in Hats” at the Springfield Museums. By Laura Holland. Preview Massachusetts, December 2016 Read it here.

Nic and Nellie is the winner of the 2013 Moonbeam Award for Best Picture Book (all ages). Read it here.

The Fish House Door wins the 2011 Children’s Book Award for best Maine Children’s Book, Maine Literary Awards. Read it here.

The Fish House Door is the winner of the 2010 Moonbeam Award for Best Picture Book (all ages). Read it here.

The Scallop Christmas - Winner of a 2009 Maine Lupine Honor Award for a picture book of outstanding merit. Read it here.

National website has named The Scallop Christmas one of the Best Children’s Christmas Books of 2009. Read it here.



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